Spirit Release

Spirit Release is the modern word for Exorcism. The difference is that Exorcism is only interested in helping the person or property to which the spirit is attached, whereas Spirit Release also helps the spirit..

Spirits or ghosts can be attached to people, animals, property (land and buildings), electrical equipment (cars, computers, etc,) and to websites.

What is a spirit?

A spirit is a being without a physical body, for example; angel, demon or dead person. Spirits can be good, bad or somewhere in between. If a spirit is not good and is causing problems to a person, property, electrical equipment or website, then Space Healers can remove it and thus enable you to have an easier and more fulfilling life, in some cases it can transform your life – it depends how much damage the spirit is doing to you.

What type of spirits do Space Healers release?

The following types of spirit can be released: the soul of a person who has not gone to the light at death and is stuck on the Earth plane or a lower plane, a being from another planet or from a parallel reality, demons. There are also elemental or nature spirits, who are often angry due to the careless actions of humans; these are dealt with either by pacifying them or by persuading them to move to a more suitable place.

How do you know if your problems are caused by spirits?

You may feel that you are not in control of your actions; that someone else is controlling you. You have the symptoms of a health problem, without actually having the health problem; that is you have various symptoms, however all the doctors and alternative practitioners you have been to, can find nothing wrong with you. You feel exhausted or irritable for no good reason. You have gained obsessions, habits or panic attacks, which are just not you, and nothing particular has happened to cause this. You suffer from headaches, have difficulty sleeping or are suffering from nightmares.
Please note that all of the above problems, can have causes which are nothing to do with spirits. Spirit attachment is just one of the many possible causes.

Land and Buildings
You feel uncomfortable in certain places on your property; you may feel that some invisible person is watching you. You feel afraid after dark in various places on your property. Some places are always very cold and there is no sensible explanation for this. You see shadowy figures, or hear unexplained noises or footsteps. Things move about by themselves or are seen to fly through the air. You are constantly having water or electrical problems. Ever since you moved to your new property, your family or work force have been suffering from health problems, nightmares, exhaustion or irritability. Your home, office or shop just doesn’t feel like a nice place to be, your friends or customers feel uncomfortable when they visit you.
Please note that some of the above problems can have causes which are not related to spirit attachment. Also some of them may be caused by Geopathic Stress.

Electrical Equipment
Your electrical possessions are behaving oddly, erratically or in a way that is supposed to be physically impossible; for example your CD player or TV turns itself on or off, or changes the volume when no-one has touched the controls. You feel as if you are being controlled by someone else when operating your electrical equipment. Your car is causing numerous problems which do not make sense to your mechanic or may be it has become accident prone.
Please note that sometimes electrical equipment behaves oddly because the user has unused psychic powers.

Your website was attracting lots of customers, is high up on the Search Engines, however suddenly no-one is contacting you and this has been going on for weeks. Often angry clients or emotionally ill people will curse websites. Spirits get attracted to electricity and become attached to various pages of websites. If your website is suffering from negative spirit attachment or has been cursed, releasing the spirits concerned or raising the curse, will have drastic and immediate good effects on the results you are getting from it.
Please note that sometimes websites are just going through a bad time or their owner is secretly longing for a break from overwork; in which case the website is unlikely to be suffering from attached spirits or psychic attack.

Why do spirits or ghosts attach themselves to people, property and electrical equipment?

When a person has not gone to the light at death, they often feel lost or lonely, then they see a light, which may be your aura (energy field) or your electrical equipment (which gives off a light when on) and the spirit then goes towards that light and often gets stuck in it. If a person dies unexpectedly, does not believe in an after life, feels very guilty and therefore does not expect to be allowed to go to heaven, feels a desire to stay near to loved ones or wishes to manipulate the living, then the spirit of the person may get stuck on the earth plane.

If a person is very attached to the place where they lived when alive or died there during an act of violence, then their spirit will often remain at that place and haunt it until someone prays for them or organises their removal via a Spirit Release practitioner or priest.

When an act of violence is committed, the scene can get attached to the property a bit like a photograph or film, even though the spirit of the dead person may have gone to the light. This is caused by the strong emotions of either or both of the attacker and the victim. These photographic attachments can occur even if no one is fatally injured in the attack. Space Healers can remove this type of photographic memory from your property.

How can you protect yourself from spirit attachment?

There is no foolproof way to protect yourself from spirit attachment. The best way is to keep yourself healthy, with your immune system in good working order, this strengthens your aura (energy field) making spirit attachment less likely. Hospitals and pubs are often thought of as places where spirit attachment is more likely; hospitals because people die in them and pubs because they are often full of dead alcoholics looking for a person to get attached to so that they can have a drink. (Alcohol in the after life does not give a person the same experience as on the Earth plane.) However it is also possible to pick up a spirit on a bus or in a taxi, as some spirits move from person to person. Even if you have a strong aura, it is possible to pick up a spirit if you are unconscious for any reason; such as having an operation or an accident. When unconscious or asleep your aura is more open than during your waking hours.

Space Healers can teach you how to check your aura for foreign attachments and rescue you if you have an attached spirit. Once a spirit has got itself attached to you it is difficult to rescue yourself, even if you are a Spirit Release practitioner.

If you think you may have a spirit or ghost attached to yourself, your property, your electrical equipment or website, please get in touch with one of the members of the Space Healers team or email Space Healers.

Philena Bruce