Space Clearing

What is Space Clearing or Energy Clearance?

The properties we live and work in are affected by what actually occurs on the premises over time. Illness, death, arguments, sadness and other emotions all have a particular subtle energy around them which is not pleasant or healthy to be around. Buildings absorb those energies and they affect the people who use the building later. “Space Clearing” is the term given to removing all those negative energies and returning the building to the subtle vibration experienced prior to the build-up.

In more serious cases there can be curses, earthbound spirits (ghosts) or elementals disturbing the peace. They need to be removed in order for those that live there to have happy and healthy lives. Click to read more fully on this topic.

Something else that can lead to an unhealthy atmosphere is Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Pollution. Click to read more fully on this topic.

How can Space Healers Help?

  1. The Space Healers Team can come to do an Energy Clearance for you at your premises. We will identify any causes of negative energies and advise you of how to remove any problems. Many things can be ‘cured’ while we are there but occasionally you will be required to make some changes or we may need a follow-up visit.
    We can:
    • Identify the presence of unpleasant energies in the property
    • Identify the probable cause of the problem
    • Find the location of the problem
    • Give advice on improving the frequency in your property
    • In many cases we can cure the situation psychically, e.g. by doing an elemental cleansing ceremony on site
    • Check to ensure the cure is working
    You would also have the peace of mind of knowing that the cure has been recommended by experienced practitioners. Once the cures have been activated you will begin the road to optimum health and peace of mind.
  2. We can do an “Absent Energy Clearance”. This may be advised when you are living very far away and do not wish to incur the expense of our travelling to you. This is done using Spirit Guides and is successful even when there are earthbound spirits. (In our work the Earthbound Spirits are released from their entrapment here and helped to move on to their After Life. Click for more information).
  3. We provide an ongoing Space Clearing Service to keep your property clear over the times ahead.
  4. We can provide special products such as Bespoke Incense and Sprays to maintain the freshness.

Please call or email to discuss your requirements.

Please click the side tabs for the type of building you are living in and you will see a lot more detail about the effects in your situation.

Can I learn how to do this?

Yes you can learn to clear your own place which we can teach you when we visit your premises. This knowledge will help you to keep your home or workplace clear of negative energies once the main task has been carried out.

You may also book a one-to-one Space Clearing lesson with one of the team in their home.


Additional benefits of a Space Healerís Visit

When doing Energy Clearance on your property we can also open up blocked subtle energy vortices on the premises and bring the male and female characteristics of the land into balance. This has the effect of revitalising the health and personal energy of you and the other inhabitants. It also markedly improves the feel-good factor.

Please call for further discussion on your property.

Amravati Mitchell