Sound Healing


This is a method of clearing and healing energy fields – for people, businesses, properties, cars and websites.

The chanting consists of ancient, powerful, healing sounds in Sanskrit and the Runes. The Runes are powerful sounds from the Norse Religion; which was prevalent in Northern Europe before the coming of Christianity.

It is very important for the client to be clear about why he wants a Chanting session. The goal of the session needs to be defined in a simple statement. For healing to work, a clear intention must first be stated; it is far easier to reach a target when you know exactly where it is.

Chanting can help you to find your soul mate, get a new job, become happy and joyful, attract prosperity and health or any other desire that you may have. You can have chanting sessions for new beginnings, such as home, business, office, relationship, baby or job.

Having a Chanting Session for your new home or office is a wonderful way to bless it. If required the Team is willing to come out to your property and chant in person.

Chanting sessions are tailor made for your requirements; thus no two sessions are the same.

For Chanting sessions performed remotely by the Space Healers Team, price start at £295.

If you would like a chanting session for yourself, your business, your property, your car or your website, please contact Philena, Amravati or Lincoln or