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"Philena and her team spent several days clearing my land in Spain. In a beautiful area close to the beaches of the Costa de la Luz, with rich agricultural possibilities, abundant wildlife and three thatched cottages, Finca Paraiso was well named. However, it was not selling. Within a few months of appeasing the elementals and reawakening the land, I found a buyer and was able to move on with my life. Thank you Philena for the cheerfulness, creativity and courage you bring to your extensive knowledge of the unseen."

Angela Clarence, Conil de la Frontera, Spain

"A few years ago my wife and I were trying to sell our London house so that we could move to a better location. However our house wouldn't sell and this was causing us a lot of stress. A friend suggested that we called in Philena and her team to cleanse our house of negative energy, which some people could feel in various places on our property.

After Philena's team had finished, our house felt so good that we changed our minds about moving.

A couple of years later, having got a job abroad we needed to sell our house, so we put it back on the market. A few months later our house had not sold, so we asked Philena to come and check it over. She pointed out that we had not followed many of her recommendations from her previous visit. We quickly remedied this and soon after our house was sold for the price that we wanted."

R.M., South Africa