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If you are experiencing one or more of the above points then Space Healers are here to help you.

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"My house had numerous ghosts which were regularly sighted by two of my children and my Nanny. There was also unpleasant energy in various parts of the house. I called in Philena and her team to remove the ghosts and the bad energy. After they had finished my house felt lighter and more homely. My children became more settled in themselves and my friends told me that my house had a lovely feel to it which had not been present before."

K.T., London

"My husband and I bought a large family house in London for ourselves and our children. We had problems with the house right from the start. The sellers were unnecessarily awkward and aggressive, the neighbours were rude, unfriendly and unhelpful. The house was a beautiful house but we felt there was something not quite right energetically. Our dogs wouldn't go down to the basement. I felt constantly unsafe on one particular staircase and others felt the same - inexplicably.

We called in Philena Bruce and her team of spiritual healers. The team all have different specialisms and work well together as a check and balance on each other's findings. They also research the property.

The findings were fascinating - there were inevitably many things which had gone on in the house, including certain bad energies left by the previous owners. Philena and her team identified problem areas and carried out cleansing rituals and laid down cures. The cleansing was a great success and the house feels completely different.

I would not live in a house as my home without having Space Healers round to do their work first."

D.C., London

"Our family chateau was for years and years a very tiring problem for all of us. There were strong invisible forces, which pulled us down and stopped us enjoying life. Philena and her team came to the chateau several years ago and performed many Spirit Release Ceremonies over several days. The park, lake and house, from the attic to the cellars, were cleansed one by one. On the last day of the ceremonies, everybody was liberated and we immediately felt a tremendous difference. Over the years the atmosphere has continued to improve. Our physical and mental health is now so much better.

We continue to implement more and more of the teamís suggestions, as it becomes practical for us, which are proving to be very beneficial. Thank you so much Philena."

Marie Storms, Belgium

"When I bought my new flat in Tokyo, I felt I would like it cleansed and blessed before I moved in. I knew no one in Tokyo who could do this, so I contacted Philena of whom I have been a client for around 15 years. Philena, together with one or two members of her team, remotely worked on my flat and when I moved in, I noticed how much better it felt compared to when I had last visited it. I continue to enjoy my flat."

Y.T., Tokyo, Japan

"Our new country house had recently been refurbished, however some parts of the house and surrounding area didn't feel all right and some of our guests had had unpleasant experiences of a ghostly nature in one or two of our bedrooms. On the recommendation of a friend, we called in the Space Healers Team to rectify this. They methodically went through our entire house, gardens and adjoining land removing spirits and negative energy. They discovered that our underground well had been causing some of the problems. The team energetically cleared this well and recommended that we opened it up to the air, which we are in the process of doing.

After the team had finished, our home and land felt so much lighter and happier, which enabled my family to enjoy our new house in a way previously denied to us. The quality of our life has greatly improved both in our home and in the local community."

A family based in Gloucestershire

"After years of living with creaking floorboards, feelings of a cold presence in my flat and many sleepless nights, I came across Spacehealers. Philena was very friendly and it was great to speak with someone who understood (and believed) what I was going through. I was impressed with how quickly Philena and her team were able to work on my flat remotely, and before I knew it she called to say that the spirit had been released. On re-entering the flat from being out for the day the first apparent thing I noticed was the stillness. I am now a couple of months into living in my flat 'spirit free' and it really is a completely different place. Apart from the quiet, it has a feeling of warmth and lightness about it. I now love spending time in what feels like my new home and certainly wouldn't consider moving without taking Spacehealers with me!"

J.P., Highgate