Healing of People

The Space Healers team heal people on a one-to-one basis, in person, absently or both. The different members of the team practice different types of healing. See the list below and click the one that you would like to know more about. At the end of each type of healing is the name(s) of the person or people who practice that type of healing. Then you can click on the name of the person to find their contact details.

Healing can be done for physical, mental, emotional or financial problems. Absent Healing is when you are not present during the session; this is particularly helpful when you live too far away to attend a healing session in person. To know more about Absent Healing click here.


Chakra Healing

Living beings have an innate ability to achieve a perfect state of balance in body, mind and spirit. The purpose of Chakra healing is to enhance and empower the individual in finding that point of balance. The healer acts as a channel for healing energies in order to help bring that about.

Chakra healing may be given for any illness, stress or injury as a complementary therapy without any side effects. No specific religious or spiritual beliefs are required. Similarly, healing recognizes no distinction of race, class, sex or religion.

Healing is not a magic wand that can make all well. It is a process that involves your commitment and although the Healer will seek to work with you, healing cannot be imposed by the Healer. A willingness to change is the fundamental requirement in the healing process. No guarantee can or will be made about the outcome of healing.

Lincoln Ascott

Soul Retrieval

This is based on the concept that everyone has a Spirit or Soul, a fragment of a greater energy force – God, The Dao, the Matrix, Goddess or however we like to interpret that force. We fragment our Spirit when we are no longer being who we truly are and this can be done either consciously or unconsciously. This can occur as a result of shock, big explosions, frights or loss of someone we love. We can also voluntarily leave a part of our Soul with someone.

When Spirit Fragmentation occurs there is a specific event either in this life or a Past Life which triggers this. This is called the ‘Anchor Point’. The Shaman essentially returns to the Anchor point to release the trapped fragment of the Soul.

How do we know we require this procedure? People who do not feel fully present and involved in their lives in the NOW or who have no energy, have a lack of enthusiasm or no motivation, who are suffering from addictions, who are unable to love or are feeling shocked or disorientated all would benefit from this therapy.

Results of this procedure are feeling fully alive and available for the adventure of life. People experience passion, motivation, creativity, truly feeling their emotions and are able to find an interesting direction in life.

Amravati Mitchell and Lincoln Ascott

Shamanic Recapitulation

Shamanic Recapitulation is another method of going back through this life to release entrapment in past events. In Past Life Regression release is obtained from previous incarnations so that this lifetime can be lived more fully and in the NOW.

Amravati Mitchell

Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery is approached in different ways by different members of the team. Essentially this is a way of releasing trapped memories, curses, psychic implants, past lives, spirit attachments etc from the subtle auric body of the client. This frees the client often from physical pain and sickness along with emotional pain and trauma so that they can live a full and happy life.

Amravati Mitchell

Reiki Healing and Egyptian SKHM

What is Reiki Healing?

The Reiki healing system has been handed down from Dr Usui through a special attunement process by an initiated Master using special symbols in the presence of Reiki guides in spirit. Reiki can be traced through a clearly defined lineage. The Reiki energy is sacred electromagnetic healing energy which is channelled by the healer through their hands. The energy can be transferred by the hands on the body or in the aura. Reiki can also be used in Absent Healing.

What is Egyptian SKHM?

Egyptian SKHM is a healing modality and it has been passed down to the healer through initiation processes. There are references to SKHM in scrolls and hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt indicating that ‘SKHM’ denoted ‘Power’ or ‘Might’ when used in spiritual terms. This healing energy was reintroduced to the planet in the 1970’s when Patrick Ziegler had a profound experience in the Great Pyramid.

Amravati Mitchell

Philena Bruce’s own Method of Healing

Philena works with Toning, a sound made with the human voice, and visualisation to heal physical, emotional and financial problems.

The theory behind Philena’s healing is that all problems – physical, financial or emotional – are caused by unexpressed emotions. A physical problem is like ice whereas the emotion causing it, is like water. The idea is that when an emotion gets suppressed, the water turns to ice and thus a physical problem arises. If somehow, one can get the ice to turn back into water and express the emotion, the physical problem goes. Although the theory sounds very simple, the actuality can be more complicated. An emotional problem on the other hand needs to be taken back to its source to be released. Toning facilitates this.

Philena Bruce

Relationship Healings

Philena has developed her own method of healing relationships. This is very useful if someone has left you, through separation, divorce or death. It is particularly useful if you have lost a loved one to a sudden death and were unable to say goodbye. It is also very helpful if you would like your relationship healed with a partner, parent, child, sibling, friend, boss or work colleague.

Philena’s Relationship Healings consist of a mixture of visualisation, talking while in a deeply relaxed state – not hypnosis – and Toning. This type of healing usually only requires one session.

If you have a Relationship Healing because your partner has left you, it does not necessarily mean that he / she will re-enter your life, it means that the uncontrollable pain, anger and / or guilt that you used to carry, will be gone. You may still feel sad but you will have lost the weight of the sadness.

Relationship Healings are done in your mother tongue, therefore a good knowledge of English is not required. If you cannot speak any English, you may bring an interpreter.

Philena Bruce


Symbolic Visualisation

Visualisations have been practised for years for helping a person “get what they want” in life, however unless all the details are correct, things can go wrong. Like the case of a lady who visualised a lover in every detail she could imagine; she found the exact man of her dreams, however he had foul breath – the one detail she had forgotten to add to her visualisation.

Philena found that doing visualisations symbolically enabled her clients to avoid the mishaps that go with literal visualisations. Over the last 20 years many “miracles” have happened in her client’s lives. For example: huge debts have been written off by banks, people have found their soul mates, marriages on the edge of divorce have turned around and become blissfully happy, lumps, bumps and rashes have vanished, operations have become unnecessary, hysterectomies have been avoided, well paid jobs have been found, the list goes on and on.

Philena Bruce