Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the practice of identifying subtle electromagnetic energies, called ‘Chi’, in the landscape or building(s) that can directly affect our health, prosperity and well-being. It involves identifying those subtle energies that are disruptive to our lives and balancing them with various physical and non-physical remedies.

A characteristic of ‘Chi’ is that it can be changed:

As long as the cure for the Feng Shui problem remains in place the cure should be permanent.

How can Feng Shui help in a Space Healer’s Consultation?

When we are looking at problems in a location we may find that certain instances can be helped by applying the principles of Feng Shui. Problems relating to the actual structure of the building can in particular be helped in this way.

Although a separate full Feng Shui Consultation is available on request, this is additional to the scope of the ‘normal Space Healers’ job. We usually include the changes which make a direct impact on the job in hand possibly suggesting re-orientation of doors or windows for example only in extreme cases.

Feng Shui cures include the repositioning of some furniture (beds, desks), changing of colours and the use of water features including fountains or aquariums. We also use plants, crystals, mirrors, decorative objects and talismans. We tend to use objects which are easily integrated into Western life.

Amravati Mitchell