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If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then let Space Healers come and diagnose your problems and help to rectify them.

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"Our Company, a successful and reputable property development company, had acquired a significant piece of land in the south of England. On the site we had planning permission to construct three office buildings and had used a household name building contractor to do the work. Building 1 was complete and buildings 2 and 3 were under construction. We had been having difficulties achieving a pre-sale of the whole site because the building work was being consistently hampered by problems, causing delays and disputes with the contractor. There seemed to be constant issues involving flooding or water-related problems. After hearing about Philena Bruce and her team of Space Healers, we decided there could be no harm in having the site properly cleansed. Philena and her team spent nearly two full days on site as they discovered so much to rectify.

One of the problems with the site was quickly identified as being caused by a ley line running directly beneath one of the buildings. This ley line was moved to one side. Much of the history of the site revealed some unsettled and unhappy spirits of past owners of the land (dating back to a medieval king). These spirits were appeased with certain cures. The team all had different skill sets which was fascinating and worked very effectively. They even worked out that there must have been a recent problem with an employee of the contractor who had left on bad terms and was negatively influencing the potential success of the site. This was indeed true as one of the managers of the contractors had been dismissed two weeks earlier.

As soon as the team had finished their work the site felt different. The atmosphere changed and felt peaceful and calm. More to the point, within three weeks of the team finishing their work, the site was pre-sold to a major insurance company for the asking price."

M.M., U.K.