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If as a business you are experiencing any of these symptoms then let Space Healers come and diagnose your problems and help to rectify them.

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"I used to work in an Investment Management Company. At the time our average client cash inflow was 200,000 to 300,000 per month. As Philena and her team had already brought amazing changes to my home, I called them in to see what they could do for my business. The feeling in our board room had been very negative, this was removed and replaced with a positive atmosphere.

The day after Philena had finished, a client rang up wanting to invest 5 million. The following week, a client whom I had been chasing for months, with no effect, rang up to invest between 15 million and 50 million. The following week another client rang who was interested in investing 5 million. This resulted in my company doing so much better the year after Philena brought her team in, compared with previous years.

Thank you Philena and team for all the positive financial benefit you brought into my life. Since you cleared both my house and my business, my life has moved on and I am now so much happier in so many different ways."

K.T., Investment Manager, London