Absent / Remote Healing of
Properties, People and Websites


Absent / Remote healing of your property means that members of the Space Healers Team do not need to visit your property in person. This form of healing can be done for your home, office, shop or business premises. It is also possible to clear your property of both spirits and Geopathic Stress remotely.

Prices start at £150 for a diagnosis and some healing, if time permits. For this we require photographs of your property inside and out, a floor plan and recent photographs of you and your family or business employees as relevant. We also require the address of the property together with a short description of your problems.

Email: info@spacehealers.com


Absent / Remote healing can be done for you, your pet, or your car. All of the Space Healers team practice absent healing. Often two of the team work together to help resolve the problem.

One of the methods of absent healing that Space Healers use is sound healing – and Chanting. For more information on Chanting please see the Sound Healing page.

Prices start at £200 for the first two sessions, followed if required by extra sessions at £100 each. If you wish to have one session only the price is £135. This fee covers the cost of two members of the team working together.

If you are interested in absent healing you can contact any member of the Team or info@spacehealers.com.


Sometimes websites collect entities of one form or another, which may cause many problems. Sites can also become less noticeable and energetically less attractive due to spirit interference, negative thought forms or psychic attack.

Space Healers can energise and clean your website by various absent healing techniques. This can result in an increase in successful traffic and potential clients.

Prices start from £100.

For a quote, send your website address to info@spacehealers.com