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About Space Healers

The main aim of Space Healers is to heal sick properties – houses, businesses, land and construction sites. This is done by removing stale or stuck energy, removing ghosts, dealing with Geopathic Stress, or applying Feng Shui and Shamanic principles. Space Healers provide a team of experts who can, individually and between them, solve all the various causes of ailing properties.

This can usually be done absently, that is without the need of visiting the property in person. Space Healers start by providing a diagnosis of the problem together with some healing, if time permits. Prices start from £150.

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Space Healers are a group of professionals who have expertise in different areas of healing, Spirit Release and Energy Clearance.

The Team provides:

The Team: Philena Bruce, Lincoln Ascott, Amravati Mitchell, John Friend.